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Access Control

door access control system

Our cloud-based access control combines intuitive user management with a seamless alarm and video integration. Whether you’re a small business with one door or a large multi-location operation with hundreds of doors, we’ve got you covered. Save money, time, and frustration by eliminating the use of seperate badges or key fobs and allow employees to access doors by simply swiping their smartphone.

Lock, unlock, and buzz doors open from anywhere using the mobile app or website. Easily add and revoke mobile lock control permissions to ensure your property is secure and the right people have access when they need it. 

Types of Entry

Our Access Control systems allow for the most versatile system for your business. You can either distribute key-fobs or card to employees, or even better, mobile device credentials. This allows for convenient access for all your employees with the swipe of either their mobile device, key-fob, or card.

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