Access Control Systems

Elevate Your Security with ProdataKey's Advanced Access Control Systems

ProdataKey Introduction

Welcome to the forefront of access control technology with ProdataKey. Our sophisticated systems offer unparalleled security and flexibility, ensuring that your premises are protected with the most advanced solutions available. Whether you’re managing a commercial property, a residential complex, or a high-security facility, ProdataKey is your partner in security and convenience.

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Revolutionize Access with Diverse Credentialing Options

  • Proximity Cards: Experience seamless entry with our range of proximity cards, compatible with multiple frequencies including 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz, and HID iClass cards. Utilize the power of radio frequency technology for quick and secure access control.
  • Key Fobs: Opt for the convenience of key fobs, compact and easy-to-carry devices that offer the same security and efficiency as proximity cards.
  • Mobile Credentials: Embrace the future with mobile credentials. Use your smartphone or mobile device to gain access through our intuitive app or NFC technology, merging security with the convenience of your phone.
  • Biometric Credentials: For the ultimate in security, choose biometric options such as fingerprint scanners or facial recognition systems, ensuring access is granted based on unique individual traits.

Versatile Reader Options for Every Scenario

  • Wall-Mounted Readers: Ideal for controlling access at single entry points, these readers are a staple in ensuring secure entry and exit.
  • Door-Mounted Readers: Perfect for areas with multiple entry points, offering robust security for complex layouts like multi-tenant buildings or office complexes.
  • Portable Readers: Flexible and mobile, these readers are your solution for temporary sites or special events where permanent installation is impractical.
  • Biometric Readers: Pairing with our biometric credential options, these readers provide an extra layer of security, validating identity with precision.
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User-Friendly Interface for Complete Control

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Stay informed with live updates on who is accessing your premises, offering immediate insights into security status.
  • Event Logs: Comprehensive logging of all access events, including detailed information on who, when, and where, available for review and audit.
  • Customizable Alerts: Tailor your alert system to notify you of any unusual activities, from unauthorized access attempts to doors left open.
  • User Management: Effortlessly manage user accounts, assign access permissions, and maintain optimal security with our intuitive management tools.

Why ProdataKey Stands Above the Rest

  • Flexibility: From the range of credentialing and reader options to the user-friendly interface, our system adapts to your specific needs.
  • Security: We offer the latest in access control technology, ensuring that your property is protected by the best in the business.
  • Convenience: Our systems are designed not just for security but for ease of use, making managing access simple and efficient.

Secure Your Space Today

Choose ProdataKey for an access control solution that blends security, technology, and ease of use. Contact us to discover how we can tailor our systems to meet your unique security needs and enhance the safety of your premises.