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About Us

The fundamental mission of MONItech Security is to protect the life and property of the clients we serve in a manner consistent with the highest ideals and standards within our industry.

MONItech Security consistently seeks new product advancements, which help us succeed in providing the most advanced security solutions to our customers. We dedicate ourselves to providing unsurpassed customer service, quality installations, state of the art monitoring, and ongoing customer support.

Whether your security concerns are residential or commercial, large or small we dedicate ourselves in designing the most optimal cost-effective security solution to fit our customers’ individual needs and concerns.

MONItech Security is committed to teamwork, reciprocal understanding, and growth in a long-term business relationship with our clients, vendors and employees alike.

In order to fulfil our mission, MONItech Security has assigned key management personnel to keep abreast of technological advancements within our industry and have empowered them to implement those advancements so we can offer our clients the most advanced security solutions available.

MONItech Security has implemented a policy of measured strategic growth, which will enable us to meet projected demand without compromising the quality of our service.

We strive to be the leading security company for all whom we serve and pledge to conduct our business with uncompromising honesty, wisdom, discretion and sound judgment. This commitment extends to our clients, vendors, employees, and to all the communities in which we serve.